Write a creed poem about the things you believe in.

I Believe

I believe the sun radiates warmth to the earth. 

I believe rain makes the flowers grow. 

I believe there is nothing more satisfying 

Than dancing in a rain storm 

With my tongue stretched ready to catch 

The drops of water leaking from the sky. 

I believe in the sound of thunder, 

And when I was a child I believed

God was rearranging his furniture, 

Like my mother said to keep my fear away.

I believe in God and his goodness. 

I believe in the goodness of people. 

I believe that “please” and “thank you” 

Can go a long way.

 I believe in complaining less and smiling more.

I believe conversations with strangers 

Are a way to have a connection

With someone we’ll never see again.

I believe in telling stories over and over

Until we’re tired of hearing them.

 I believe in putting pen to paper. 

Write everything down. 

I believe in capturing memories with pictures, 

I believe in vacation, of seeing every place 

From the sandy beaches of California

To the concrete walls of New York. 

I believe in spending time with loved ones. 

I believe in loving animals like they are family.

I believe in laughter and in heartfelt conversation. 

I believe in silence and I believe in being loud.

I believe music speaks to the soul. 

I believe the soul moves on when we die.

 I believe that time matters. 

Life is too short to waste that time. 

I believe in Daylight Savings 

And in long, warm summer nights. 

I believe in cold winters and 

Curling up with a book and hot chocolate 

Is perfect in a snow storm. 

I believe everything we do matters. 

Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

I believe that life has endless possibilities 

And a chance to learn something new every day. 

I believe I don’t know much of anything 

And that there are many things 

I still have yet to find to believe in.

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